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Can I gossip to everyone about what I see/hear on cam?
I want to keep the camera as PASSIVE as possible, that means when you see anything on cam (or elsewhere) that might be a cause for drama, keep your mouth shut. The site can't be passive if you send cam caps or just general rumors to the people involved (this means ANYONE I know, including females). Let things happen as they would if the camera wasn't there.

Think of it like this, when you watch big brother or real world, you dont jump up and call the family of people involved to tell them what you saw, you sit back and watch it for what it is -- NOT YOUR LIFE.

The site doesnt exist for you to meddle with my life, just to OBSERVE it.

How many cams are there?
There are five physical cams that through various configurations cover about 9 different perspectives, for more information check out the detailed floorplan.

Are you gay? Bi?

Who are you? Where are you from? How old are you? (etc...)
Who am I?

Do a back flip! Wave to me! Get naked!
It seems you still dont understand how this works, this is a 24/7 live stream of my house. Think of it as leaving the curtains open. What it isn't, is a webcam sex show where you're paying per minute for a performance. Lifecasting is a PASSIVE and constant view into my life.

Why is the time weird on the clock on your cams?
The camera clocks are set to CET

Streaming is cool what do you use? how can I do it?
These days there are plenty of sites out there to host your cams. however i still i host and administer all my own infrastructure in house and with dedicated web and media servers, this way i'm not a slave to arbitrary rules and conditions of those other unnamed cam communities and can truly live unfiltered, as i assume everyone should want to do in their own homes.

How are you chatting and not sitting at your desk at the same time? you're a fake! this is recorded!
There is a 10-30s delay on the streaming cam. more info...

Wah you wont chat with me so I'm going to pout.
The internet is a tool for me, I work from home, this is my office. I dont bother you when you're working and I certainly dont cry about it when you ignore me while you're flipping burgers. A rule of thumb is if I ignore you, that means I'm busy -- too busy to tell you I'm busy. Oh and on this subject don't PM me from the chatroom unless its important. I don't have the patience to talk about the weather with you. Come to think of it, if it's important email me.

Where did you get that rad coffee table/stage?
The stage/pole/table is from Platinum Stages

Is there a maximum number of viewers for the cams?
I'm unaware of a max for the meta cam's, but I'm sure the server/bandwidth will saturate eventually after a few hundred. Streaming Cam2 has a bandwidth limit of 100mbit, which translates to about 300 viewers.

Are the camearas hidden? Do your guests know about them?
No the cams are not hidden. There are four cameras, the usb webcam in the office, a large camcorder on a tripod sitting in the middle of the room, a network camera in the bedroom, and a foscam on the kitchen counter There are no other cameras. No sneaky or built in cameras in any of the rooms, including the bathroom. Everyone that comes to my house has a choice if they want to be on cam or not. I fully inform them and show them the site so they understand what its about. Thats why sometimes you see the camera pointed at an empty chair when i there are people who dont wish to be on cam here.

I don't get it, there's no narrative to this "story"..?
When viewing this site know that its content is almost purely graphical, I do not like to write. if I do you'll find it in the forum. Because of this style, the site's message can be abstract at times and interpreted many different ways, often few of which resemble reality. In a perfect world I'd show every aspect of my life objectively, but this isn't a perfect world and there is many inherent limitations in this type of concept. The site is as raw and as candid as humanly possible while still respecting the people around me, and my own (sometimes complicated) interests. I'd also like to make it clear that in my universe, the site revolves around me, and not me around the site. It's there, but it's passive, you don't see everything, its merely a keyhole view into a much bigger world I inhabit. I can imagine someday getting some support on this site, where there could be a condensed half hour or hour youtube video of the past week's happenings on cam which could be used to tell an ongoing "story" of my life -- but unfortunately right now theres just no infrastructure for something like that.

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